“It Ain’t Fair” featuring the Welfare Poets and Divine RBG produced by Canei Finch.


Visuals for the first single from the upcoming Chilo/DJ Cocotaso collaborative album. Featuring Rayzer Sharp and the Legendary Mic of the Welfare Poets, as well as Divine RBG. Produced by Canei Finch.

Filmed by: Good Vibes Music, The Welfare Poets, MRB, and Divine RBG
Edited by: Good Vibes Music and the Welfare Poets.

Produced by: The Welfare Poets, Brown Blood and Warrior Scholar Productions

First Cop: Lou Torres
Second Cop: Big Ralph RBG
Workshop Attendees, Dice Rollers, and Bodega Bystanders: The Allerton Ave People’s Army

Chilo, The Welfare Poets and Divine RBG bring awareness and light to the issues of police brutality and the overall systematic oppression that takes place daily in the communities that they live in.

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