Jag Arreola — ‘9:09’ (Prod. Accosta The Man)

I wear my feathers and my jewelry well Gallo de pelea I do not back down If you’ve beat me in the past I want a rematch now On the quest for vengeance mi busca de venganza Está máscara resalta That means it stands out, it’s heavy mutant armor You can keep the bag Loko, I fight for honor Sangre a los Dioses is what I’m here to offer I’m the author of my story None of your troops are in my category Sobriety in my camp it’s fasho mandatory Please read carefully I put it in the syllabus I’m villainous and vicious Turtle Island Indigenous El Gobierno Americano tiene droga en la estufa Ahí que organizarnos, nos vemos en la junta I’m attending academic Toltec seminars Sparring in the ring with Babylon’s Minotaurs Alcohols forbidden, the Prophet (PBUH) spoke against it Trying to pet the Jaguar, I wouldn’t recommend it They had me apprehended in a Roman court of law My mask will live on long after I’m gone Soy Ernesto Che Guevara without his cigar Maestro Victor Jara without the guitar Free Palestina y’all will never be erased Enmascarado de Plata, y’all will never see my face My village was burnt in Jesu Cristo’s name The European man made my world unsafe We rep Abya Yala aquí nomas Chichimeca Guamares, Zacatecos, Jonás Every piece in my regalia you know that I earned that Solitary confinement you know that I served that In Nueva Galicia shackled in chains encadenado enslaved Locked in a cage seeking liberation from this cycle of suffering I’m shuffling the deck I’m a mutant I’m Gambit Our communities are looted by corporate bandits All the buildings are abandoned Neglected city parks my Varrios forgotten It’s grimey where I roam Guadalupe statues in everybody’s home This side of the city R-A-Z-A The wealth within my veins eclipses foes Like Mansa Musa I’m in a class of my own Camels loaded with gold in the Kingdom of Mali I’m surrounded by Muslims like Muhammad Ali My in ring psychology, be a savage no apology Americans are calling me a Commie I wave a rainbow flag in Atawalpa’s army No way you’ll disarm me If you’re widdit then pop me Amerikkka is evil is what my Papi taught me Foreal there’s no soul in this system This is my portion of the Solar System where the Devil ain’t allowed These Americans will bow to the Black and the Brown We came to paralyze their American settlements Not a word to their delegates My name is relevant throughout the Inland Empire Here’s my message to these Pilgrims ‘your VISA expired We’re the Children of the Sun we’re irreplaceable In the ring everyday, I’m not available With a vicious demeanor You’d think I cook crack Native First Nations fasho I look that I’m wearing a trash bag under the hoodie Sobriety is all it took me Maria’s semilla still a microphone rookie Great relations with the Wookiees Be afraid to book me to go on your stage I know the pigs are looking I write with a formula Don’t call me a foreigner I’m in the Quantum Realm quantifying the Math Islamic gunners shield ‘em as they clear the path See y’all in the cockpit I’m focused on the target whether aerial or aquatic Their canines are robotic Pay attention to my body language Activate the laser cannons Hit ‘em with some body damage This is for the corn that my Gente planted Our advantage is the Eagle and the Condor landed Mexican hand wraps, my knuckles are bandaged I’m a wetback with a weapon Better get back when I’m steppin’ This isn’t an aesthetic People that look like me are seen as barbaric My enemies wonder how I got their location I’m the pilot of this spaceship Sober navigation Knee deep in the lodo El Jaguar es mi apodo I’ll continue to play Hide and Seek with death Them Settlers sent a sketch in a journal back to Europe ‘Godless with long hair’ they described me To justify their terror and claim to civilize me Indigenous genocide I’m the Savage that remains Boarding School Drop Outs Every baby in those graves Whoever hears this in the future I pray That my people still exist That we’re not extinct That we’re not enslaved That we live in peace And we’re free from pain

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