Jag Arreola – ‘Son of Ulises’ (Prod. Accosta The Man)

My presence alone has them colonizers startled No drugs in my body no interest in a bottle I’m only here to follow what the Black Panthers modeled Walk the land armado, Jaguar Uno Bolivarian Soldado with Nicolas Maduro We want land, independence, & socialism When pigs raid the spot then blow ‘em get ‘em Sinaloenses strap up near Melverde’s shrine Them Moors mask up as the crescent shines It’s been way too many moons spent inside Incarcerated by crusaders Christian invaders F*ck the national anthem – we’ll never sing it I’m the Olmec wrestler in a golden singlet If I end up unmasked set my body on fire Yeshua is the name of their Messiah Imagine being nailed to a wooden cross They built a border on our land and thought we wouldn’t cross? Them Americans mad they can’t colonize China We be Gullah Geechee in the coastal Carolinas Rumble en Aztlán I was on that line up Homie turn my mic up I’m followed by death everyday in this profession Stand with the oppressed – me persigue la muerte I’ll leave yall with empowerment before my departure Staying Sober through this earth walk my arrows are sharper a lot of love is fake – only my girl will miss me Don’t question my sobriety y’all won’t convince me Stay away from what’s forbidden and that aura will restore I’ll play chess with Che Guevara that’s a martyrs reward I’m a Mexican Indian revenge is inescapable This oath to sobriety it’s unbreakable Fight against apartheid Immortal Technique is who I was taught by Adversaries don’t scare us not even a bit A sovereign Abya Yala is a reason to win And the Zionist regime is illegitimate authority Intifada Intifada to Allah be the glory

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– Inland Empire based Hip Hop artist ⛲️ – One half of Kozmik Force – Music available on all platforms. (Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, SoundCloud, etc.)

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