“Just Us” MillionBars ~ Methuzulah Gem, Casual, Mazzi S.O.U.L. Purpose , Jasiri X, IZK & DTOX of Blunt Force Crew

On November 6, 2014 Beats Rhymes & Relief filmed “Just Us” the first release from our Million Bars program during the 41st Anniversary of the Universal Zulu Nation and the 40th for Hip Hop.

“Just Us” amplifies the voices from communities across the nation who have been calling for police accountability for the horrific murders of unarmed men and women who’s lives have not been forgotten.

Directed by:
Rameen Aminzadeh
Teddy Cool

Written by:
Methuzulah Gem
Mazzi S.O.U.L. Purpose
Jasiri X
IZK & DTOX of Blunt Force Crew

Cuts by:
Dj Tone Fresh

Produced by:
D.R.U.G.S. Beats

Mixed by:

Mural Artists:
Zulu King Slone
See (TF)
Meres One
Lava I & II

Special Thanks to all the good people at the Hall of Knowledge Temple, Artists & Craftsman, RecShop Islam, Media 13 & all those who have been organizing, marching, protesting and raising the awareness to help bring an end to #PoliceBrutality.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all those who have lost loved ones to the hands of violence.

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