Kozmik Force — “Indigenous Struggle” ft. Elk Bone & DJ SoulBuck (Prod. Accosta The Man)

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(Jag Arreola) I’m the baby I’m the seed Pocahontas was forced to give up You’re not sober enough, Stay away please, from the battle field Only way I’ll leave, is dead on my battle shield I’m Native to this continent didn’t travel here Related to the Puma and thee Unknown Communication with the future speak to thee unborn Cobijas con viruela they don’t want us alive We survived the 1831 Salisipuedes Massacre in Uruguay Uncivilized action never regresses Pull up to thee encampment you’ll see the red dresses Missing Murdered Indigenous Mujeres Vengeance for the fallen of the Bear River Massacre Throw an ambassador and a fiscal from the highest step of the Temple of Tikal Hold your head Elk Bone, in solidarity Jaguar

***DJ Soul Buck*** scratches

Let ‘em know they dealin’ with that Elk Bone Kozmik Force Let ‘em know they dealin’ with that Elk Bone KF click Native Threat Jaguar Show me a sign Let me know they hear the warrior’s rhyme I’m reaching out beyond the cage

(Elk Bone) Welcome to the new era Look for the true intentions But nothing’s different for those of us living in resistance We still up in the trenches We finally up against this Two steps ahead of the walking dead Can I get a witness Ain’t no more small business There’s only corporate interest From here on out you just a prisoner of your own ignorance From here on out you just a slave to a new existence So when them soldiers come patrolling Keep your social distance They coming to confiscate yo — and that pot you piss in I tried to told you it was coming but you wouldn’t listen Follow the strongest of us the fall is taking place The blessed among the oppressed right around the Red race They tryin’ to make us think we all in this together they lying ‘Cuz when it come to saving lives all our people are dying So mask up synchronize your watches don’t be late This time a virus reminding us it’s a police state

***DJ Soul Buck*** scratches

Let ‘em know they dealin’ with that Elk Bone I’m reaching out beyond the cage Fight to free the innocent Jaguar Kozmik Force Native Threat Kozmik Force KF click Show me a sign Let me know they hear the warrior’s rhyme

(Native Threat) Walking in balance still carry the anger wit me Moving swiftly neo-fascist tryin’ to kill me Authority badges blastin’ In a hood near you lets get it crackin’ Like Fallujah Iraq ready for action But Indigenous been fightin’ lightnin’ strikin’ Black Snakes disguised as pipelines Since inception nation state more like a corporation state Property over human life Healthcare paid for in dead presidents Or your life its on tonight As you clean your AR or Kay Practice them drills and stay vigilant It’s critical hit them burpees for the physical Grapplin’ basics get it go Self defense is traditional Underpay the workforce treat homeless inhumane And you wonder where the rage Came from looting trillions corporation banks My Natives tryin’ to live off the land But y’all roll up with little men with big guns in hand Stand up stand tall FREE ORLANDO WATLEY Free ‘em all

***DJ Soul Buck*** scratches

I’m reachin’ out beyond the cage We must return to the fire The water the sky Let ‘em know they dealing with that Elk BoneSHOW LESS

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