Mic Crenshaw ft. Dead Prez – Superheroes

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Legendary spoken word artist and socially conscious emcee Mic Crenshaw teamed up with Dead Prez for a classic tribute to everyday people. With a beat produced by Maestro of D12 and Silent Riot Productions in Detroit, the video was shot on location in Portland, Oregon by Kevin Hasenkopf and Payam Sadri of Salmon 109. Using local dancers and their families as the cast, this video turns the ordinary into extraordinary. We live in a society where food, clothes, shelter, education and the necessities of life are less and less of a guarantee. The degree to which there is an assault on working class people is constantly escalating. In this environment, keeping oneself, one’s family and each other healthy, strong and positive is heroic indeed. We don’t look to hollywood or Washington DC for inspiration, we look to each other and help ourselves.

We Are Our Own Superheroes.

Directed and Produced by Payam Sadri and Kevin Hasenkopf of 109 Salmon
Executive Producers: Morgan Delaney and Michael Crenshaw


Michael Crenshaw
stic.man and M1 of Dead Prez
Bigg Snub
Joshua James Dudley Jr.
Rosella Hunter
Dejaney Hunter
Nykell Hunter
Ladi Tai
Tinehja & Mosee A.
Joshua Aragon aka Rocket One
Karanja Noumba Crews
Erik Geske
Cassius Geske-Ortiz
March 4th
Number 13 by David Walker- Dark Horse Comics
Brother Man by Guy Sims- Big City Comics
Graffiti by Shazak, Carl Bamburger & UNO/Tewsr (Mighty Zulu Kings)
Ariel and 2nd Camera: Craig Gruenewald
Recorded and Mixed by Prince Elwood Strickland III
Music by Maestro, Silent Riot/D12
Global Fam Ent. 2014

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