MoRbIuS – 3rd I Walk ft. DJ SoulBuck


Cause If I die before I wake I leave no body to take, My flesh dissipate my spirit escapes;

evacuating back to space giving self a taste, without the bodily weight and physical restraint; (and)

Blood rushing to your face now ready to faint, over the blatant truth and Statement my word will paint;

Reading books off shelves eat right to develop my health, speaking words that are felt, with the only hand that was dealt;

Went from making the block melt to Expanding my wealth, went from pushing drugs to pushing (now) knowledge of self;

No longer moving in stealth a Jedi from dark side, wit nothing to hide unlike your god in the sky

Your 3rd eye is polluted and your vision is fried, How u know if you don’t give yourself the option to try;

But you rather take option to buy how can you lie, fully equipped ride u can’t afford to drive;

A slave to your own pride forgetting were you reside, our people barely alive still struggling to survive;

What matters u look fly so u keep up the front, but you cry when that bill comes in at the end of the month;

You speak with smoke and mirrors Pulling tricks or stunts, I’m meditating with monks i’m elevating the pump;

For chumps that yap but don’t dump, so I leave them slumped Over the drivers seat, I’ll introduce u to P;

Picture me see ever turning my back to these streets, Yeah I teach accompanying my speech with concealed heat.

For the savage heads that are just too hard to reach, pardon me, not ever eye wants to see;

i know your ways your gifts comes from a serpent, i plan my days you always try to make them uncertain;

My people are hurting, they’re trying to close the curtain, around the corner they’re lurking so i check my person;

Determined to rid the airwaves of you pest and varmint, i stay observant; in the streets there’s no telling;

These artist got ya fooled now thinking you rebelling, they got you now buying into the fraud they selling;

so i’m dwelling with this pen now becoming obsessives, Ya fighting over the messenger, not getting the message;

They talk in riddles but you see their jaw is brittle, acting hard on the outside but they soft in the middle;

Candy coded artificially and spiritually cripple, tight and colorful looking like a bag of skittle;

it ostella viesta to you famine fashionistas the teacher there’s no swiping visa either;

This is a freebie for men and señoritas, splash of ether for you to play out your speakers;

you can’t move backwards those thoughts you gotta erase, you could only move forward or stay in the same place;

Cause the same spirit can’t occupy the same space, so follow your metaphysical DNA trace;

its in coded in every culture, color, creed and race. so move with hast today is the date to face;

Evaluating your faith, there no heavenly gates, we GODS now creating in this physical state;

Moving at a higher rate with no Hail Mary’s or grace, Jesus walked on water but see I rather make it displace;

So im persecuted saying every word is polluted, but certainly suited home grown never diluted;

They analyze and compute it but still undisputed, my people till we free, fist up stay saluted

(Scratches by DJ SoulBuck)

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