MORBIUS – “We Pack Metal Thangz (Mics)”

“We Pack Metal Thangz (Mics)”

My Dude you’re vision is skewed, misconstrued,
you seem a bit confused this is no evening news

This is mental food an interlude to center you helping through,
with what you was sent here and meant to do

I’m a dumb it down too to the right perfection,
while trying to point you in the right direction,

We Avoid your shadow caught in our own reflection,
we too busy looking for superficial affection

Online connection, share every obsession,
while the Feds jotting down every little confessions

the web scene, where things are not what they seems,
we post and hopes and dreams painting colorful scheme

But living a nightmare on the other side of the screen,
the attention we fiend comes from lack of self-esteem

rather stream through machines connect through satellite beams
we getting schooled now from mis informational memes

no longer worried about the next individual,
self absorbed bored lacking any principles

My words are criminal detestable lies creditable,
I’m here to take you off your high horse, and down from that pedestal

And ground you before you become a walking vegetable,
Wit a IQ broken down into the lowest decimal,

I’m not here to rescue help your save yourself,
its starts with good food and a strong mental health

To begin to heighten your senses and connect with self,
cleansing your 3eye to help you understand your wealth

Our Societies is getting sicker the plots thicker,
Because ya can’t see pass the filters on your selfie picture

And I’m right here with ya, but your vision is cloudy,
I’m speaking it proudly, I never gave you a reason to doubt me,

You ain’t beefing or rowdy using words of animosity,
cause a communities is beef to me left in poverty,

you’re rooting for the wrong team it’s all psychology,
Hoping your newborn is another productive commodity,

In this game of Monopoly to me is sodomy,
psycho lobotomy of a mind that’s no longer your property

We’re hated for truths we speak, critique
by the meek minded who sleep,you see this is not for the weak,

This is for those strong minded chiseled physique unique,
thoughts and words that are deep like the ancient antiques you seek

A prophet who speaks but words are not prophetic,
synthetic face to face they more apologetic

hoping that I would it leave it alone and dead it,
Every word is regretted from the moment he said they prosthetic,

Flow is generic for the purpose to entertain,
seeing pass the cosmetics is where you see the shame

I’m unapologetic You’ve became docile and tamed,
You fight for an ego I fight for a people in pain

That’s Praying for an exodus to break free from the chains,
for those that choose to see it’s becoming simple and plain,

Even if I explain what I seen in my life span,
you’ll think more than a teacher but do less than a blind man

Understand that my plan is to try to help you expand,
stimulating endorphin’s inside of your penal gland

To see without your eyes across distance lands,
able to move objects without the use of hands

it only started when you start believing you can,
but your thoughts are like footprints washing away in the sand

It’s hard to focus i know, becoming they own man,
Some move the pen in their hand others kilograms

Some man fold on demand and resent to help,
Others stand when the opportunity presents itself

So strap your belts, never compromise is the advice,
so Instead preaching death in my song I breath life,

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