“Just For Now” Produced By Pro of the MUDSLINGAZ
Scratches By DJ Soul Buck
Available now on ITunes

My 2nd single off my solo album DEATH [Is Only The Beginning]… Coming Soon!!


I’m only surrounded by heathens stuck on scheming,
pondering life’s meanings awake but they dreaming,

They don’t see what i’m seeing,
Cuz i wanna stand on a corner in MCing!

At every turn they fight me, pulling me backing in,
I just wanna be writing having thoughts unraveling,

my words traveling through space land time like javelins,
At every hip hop gatherings living it not imaging,

Everyday I’m battling tears eyes misty,
if I’m no longer around would they really miss me,

These streets are risky, dude are shifty
so I stay to myself and with friends now I’m picky,

Avoiding the cuffs moving from zero to sixty
checking for scuffs making sure the kicks are crispy,

reminiscing to pimps be, tricking theses words skillfully
, filthy slightly tipsy, woozy off the whiskey ,

drowning my pain steadily smoking and drinking heavily,
i know it be the death of me if i continue this recipe,

disconnecting emotionally is suppose to be the remedy,
i guess eventually I’ll return to thinking sensibly, (But for now)

But But for now, Im shutting out the world, shutting out the world , but but for now we shutting out the world,

Look god made infinite space and filled it with conscience, man made cyber space only to filled it with nonsense,

so i Write it precisely, thinking its just likely,
if I tell you to kill yourself then you’ll probably like me,

People are finicky, yesterday they was killing me,
today now their feeling me, feeling synergy lyrically,

Walking the block wit dignity with the unique ability
to move readily with pen to feed your dependencies,

Asking myself now, is it really meant to be,
is it really all what it seems or all just A dream,

wit no shoulder to lean a Cypher fiend born with Enlighten genes, Dolo wit no team a living machine,

That’s fast and efficient flying through the competition,
fans are Eager listen as i baffle mathematician,

the devil in the eyes of an Christian a wizard battling magicians,
stop dreaming and wishing and just play your position,

In your world Never existed never enlisted,
then their wondering why I don’t come and visit,

Calling me out just to eliminate your doubts,
I can’t show you the route I’m still turning to figure this out!


I’m fighting the devil but i’m not willing to settle,
cause every word I peddle is the same as precious metals,

Ya kick pebbles, I’m trying to seeing mountains and meadows,
Ya moving to slow, talking to fast, thinking to ghetto

living outside of your means reality is more a dream,
they rather look fresh with a debt busting out the seams,

I keep it fresh & clean puffing on mad izm,
and tag with a purpose so it not just worthless vandalism,

They study my mannerism to figure my mechanism,
why my words are altering frequency and algorithms,

Like I delivered them. with this music theirs no stopping ,
my ribs are touching I’m hungry like an animal boxed in,

I know there watching it’s my people’s they locking,
I’m the way I am cause they gave me no option

Far from docile aggressive and hostile
chiseled out of a fossil the 13th apostles,

With nothing to prove and two kids to lose
I apologize if it was more than just your ego I bruised

its the life we choose, time will change a dude,
please excuse the attitude I don’t mean to be rude.

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