Morbius Of The Sargonites – Ghost In The Speaker

Directed and edited by 3RD.I.VISION LLC

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Some say I’ve change i ain’t quiet the same, I don’t behave no longer how like when we used to hang
See it not really I changed, it’s more that I evolved, resolved internal issues that kept my thoughts dissolved
unable to recall the reasons I came to this surface enthralled by the Circus believing that I was worthless
In churches paying to be saved by the ministers service, in cursive writing in earnest a furnace burning wit purpose
the mind always searches, followed it where we goes, it led me to a soul and down this rabbit hold
Putting my life on hold that’s when I took control, so my humanity, dignity can’t be purchased or sold
learning to decipher the code, in my own genetic mold, learning that blood is worth more than it’s worth in gold.
This is the world and its cold, it’s either you stand or you fold, I’m studying books of old, on this road, enlightening goals
So now you know, but they ain’t listening, unless I’m in a Benz with jewels glistening blame the conditioning
Re-positioning what you questing now mimicking what you finding now riveting lacking truth and discipline
The plot continues thickening despite the fight we tussle all night taking up our peoples plight
Ain’t no price for these streets that are covered in red, but to these same streets you see is where I made my pledge,
Stay true to my people I swear to honor the dead while you window gangsta still throwing insulted off from your ledge
Walking in the swallows with no water to tread, similac fed now I hear what my old man said
Don’t reach for the pie if you already eating a slice and don’t reach for the sky if you only looking to fly a kite
I don’t hide behind the mic I won’t to twist or bend, fight till the end and never compromise for them,
I’m a certified Royal seed indigenous blend, Taino/Arawak native and African
I just lost my grand mama but I fight through the pain and I do it it in her honor refusing to complain
Till ever muscle fibers strained even emotionally drained, bones Broken or sprained continuing against the grain
That’s how I’m trained by the blood that courses in my veins and containing the genetic disposition to refrain
From the psychological attacks to my psyche and brain, and the physiological poisoning of my physical frame
The government is to blame so I’m The only God I trust, till they remember my name its Morbius,
Till I tarnish or rust, cuffed busted returned to dust, till I will feed you as such and escape from your master clutch,
I speaking layman’s to communi-cate with you with caveman’s we suppressed each other more than our own mental enslavement
They’ll hate you and in the same breath praise you, it’s all on you since the cradle ain’t no Jesus to save you.
i’m the ghost in your speaker hoping to finally reach ya, tomorrow I might be the student today i’m the teacher
Waking wit the sleeper it’s either feeling the heat of a fever to find knowledge of self or being a blind believer
With the speed of a cheetah we follow leader who deceivers surviving off of wages that’s Meager and hell is so eager,
we put an indigenous face to replace 100 years of race and disgrace on a paper that helped us get erased

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