MORBIUS – “Throw Back” ft. DJ Soul Buck

New Freebie From Morbius Of The Sargonites “Throw Back ft. DJ Soul Buck. Free Download!

I grew up in the Bronx by the D and the 4, 1005 Walton ave right off the third floor

By Yankee stadium on the corner of 164, Where You either survived or was a causality or war

kicking crackheads out the building was a daily chore and hoping you ain’t get shot just going to the store

We was poor but friends and family made us wealthy, melting wax into a milk cap to rock Scelzi’s

in abandoned building acting wild and your neighbor treated you like you was there child’s

Quick to blow spots if you was acting fowl, we had a sense of community that you don’t see now

Listening to the radio at nite when you bored And one DJ Redalert came on you pressed record

I started Break dancing around 84 back spinning all day on a pieces cardboard

Or on my skateboard doing olé in the lobby or practicing in the park, down the block in Mollie’s

Across the street from Jerome where the hookers roamed, getting beat after 10o’clock if yo ass wasn’t home

Let’s take it to 89 that’s when I started to rhyme, At the same time I was hustling nickels and dimes

Out to get mines at the age of 14, With a list full of schemes and a head full of dreams

Learning to throw jabs by knocking out fiends and far from a coward if you know what I mean.

Rocking two tone Lees, adidas, puma or Troop, It was the year my brother and I formed our group.

Hip Hop at that time was about Knowledge and love, so before The Sargonites we were called The 3 of Clubs,

It was a 3 man group but unlike today, back then you had to battle earn your DJ

Now we Hitting the studios to put out music to play, but a year or two later see I started to stray

The year was nine trey, and there was no looking back, outcome was twenty I was eighteen selling crack

with cousins uptown in the Bronx pushing this dope, Right off of Tremont right on the corner of Mount Hope

Where talk is cheap and no one was soft with cold feet we hold heat And the wrong words will put you to sleep

Bumping MOP, mob deep and Kweli, on the last car on the train you don’t want to be

Getting caught was the last thing we ever worry, even getting it in with my people’s over in Jersey

Rocking tims, Carhart suit and always strapped Another product in this environmental trap,

still writing our raps but these street still calling our name, the year is 97 and things started to change

Godhead got locked and my first child was born. I knew at some point in my life I had to reform

My older brother came back fighting in desserts storm Hip Hop became Rap and knowledge no longer the norm

I knew we had a purpose but nothing made sense Till I met a 5 percenter who was selling oils and incense

So I stop the guessing and actually start asking questions that’s then I found my godboby studying lessons

360 degrees and my moon is Crescent, building with Moors, Israelites keeping my thought present

Now having Knowledge of self now changed my paradigm, along with having another child in the spring of 99

We lost our DJ and continued as the sargonites, no longer killing our people but trying to save their life

this is our story and not looking for approval from here on out you can find the rest google

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