“This Is For You” Music Video – Intikana feat. Nene Ali

Bronx native emcees Intikana and 17 year old Nene Ali have teamed up for the music video release of “This Is For You.” With music produced by Ms. Quiet Groove, this short film takes you through the South Bronx into Intikana’s classroom where he mentors youth and guides their creative writing. With exclusive footage from his performances in Rikers Island prison and even as far as Uganda, East Africa; Intikana shows the power of his local and international experience as an award winning performing artist. This music video also follows Nene Ali’s intense training as a boxer, mc, poet, and community leader. With featuring guest appearances by Hip-Hop pioneers and legends, Intikana and Nene Ali seek to show how important it is to pay homage to those who built this Hip-Hop culture. “If you got love for the hood….if you love Hip-Hop…this is for you.”

For more info, visit: www.intikana.net

Instagram: @intikana
Twitter: @intikana

Nene Ali
Twitter: @NeneAli

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