Nejma Nefertiti – The Valley of the Queens EP (7″ VINYL)

It’s crazy that Herring has been rolling 20 years but has never repped a female artist.  Sure, we’ve had lots of female guests; Bahamadia, Lil Kim, Amayss, Stahrr, Madame Star, Gypcees, Sistar Act among others,, but never the main artist on a release. Not that we’ve been looking out for female artists to make it happen. This project was just a another natural Herring release. It just happens to be the case that the act is female.  A killer 4 track project produced by Mohamad Malek and featuring Napoleon Da Legend, The Valley of The Queens EP makes for a solid 7″ of Brooklyn flava for the heads. Peep it – you will not be disappointed.
Here is a short interview with Nejma:

Where did you grow up and what are your earliest memories of the culture:
I grew up in Brooklyn, New York. My mother struggled hard. We didn’t have much. My earliest memories are with my mother who introduced me to Hip Hop culture, may she rise in power. She took me with her to the streets where Hip Hop was alive in all of its elements and she bumped all the emcees back then.

Who were your influences growing up:
Growing up Assata Shakur was always a legend in my home. I loved listening to Roxanne Shante, Rakim, Bahamadia, MC Lyte, Hurricane G, Lady Luck, Big L, Onyx, Run DMC, EPMD, Mos Def, WU Tang Clan,
RZA as Bobby Digital, Smif-N-Wessun, Busta Rhymes, Gang Starr, Mobb Deep, The Roots, Capone and Noriega, Missy Elliot, Rah DIGGA, Foxy Brown, Fat Joe, Big Pun, of course B.I.G, Pac, Nas, and the list goes on and on…

How did you get into rhyming:
My mother would write me poetry from prison (long story), and I was inspired to write her back and impress her with my poetry. I was probably around 12 then. She always encouraged me to read and
when I was younger she brought me books that people would throw away. One of my first series was from Donald Goines. She bought me my first rhyming dictionary and I loved words. I keep that one to this day.
And the Art of War, one of my favorites. So it started with writing poems. At around 15, I started rapping because my friends and I would rap the songs we loved and I was told that I had a strong delivery and should try writing my own raps. I would go somewhere alone and write rhymes to beats that were on mixtapes or on albums where they let the instrumental ride for a minute. I knew I had a special gift and that gift evolved over time and brought me to where I am now, an independent boss woman doing what she loves. It’s a blessing to have autonomy over my creativity and to be able to inspire and empower others through my work, while shattering glass ceilings and breaking down doors in places I deserve to be and belong.
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