Nuclearcore – Subterranean Groove Vol. 1

” With great Respect Nuclearcore presents: Subterranean Groove Vol. 1 (beattape) This is for everyone who loves the old and dusty sound of the 90s This underground vibe from the late rainy nights and subway tunnels The sound of the concrete jungle
Guerrilla Republik Bulgaria 2020 Enjoy and Peace ”

#GuerrillaRepublik #Boombap #Nuclearcore #beattape #hiphop #Sofia #Bulgaria Tracklis [00:00] Subterranean Groove [03:35] Pieces of Mind [06:44] Interrupted Broadcast [10:16] Guerrilla Warfare [12:27] Rugged Jazz [15:49] Circa199x [18:46] Memories [22:23] Dark Alley [25:50] Acid Nights [29:00] Dark Design [32:31] Protoform X [35:55] Reactor Meltdown [38:54] T.G.One [42:00] Lunar Cycle [45:41] Moanin [48:20] The Last Train Artist: Nuclearcore Album: Subterranean Groove Vol. 1 Year: 2020 Genre: Hip-Hop Style: Boom Bap Hip-Hop/Instrumental Hip-Hop Prod: Nuclearcore Arrangement/Mix and Master: Nuclearcore…
/ https://www.houseofguerrillarepublik….

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