“Why is it deemed justifiable and appropriate for cops/police
officers to kill other cops (friendly–fire) and citizens?
Why do cops kill?
Are they not taught to maim or slow down someone running
or reaching for a weapon?
If not, why not?
Why do cops kill first and ask questions last?

Why are police officers being military trained?
What can we as citizens, taxpayers, and voters do to stop these
killings and beatings of unarmed people?
Why do we let this continue?
How many more must die or get beat up before we realize
something is wrong and needs to be changed?
Will you, a friend, or a family member have to be killed or beaten
by a cop before we realize that things have to change?

Who’s here to protect us from the cops when they decide to use
excessive force, shoot multiple shells, and/or murder us?”

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