Ruste Juxx – Three The Squad Way feat. Vinnie Paz and Roc ( Heltah Skeltah )

Kyo Itachi & Ruste Juxx – Three The Squad Way feat. Vinnie Paz and Rock [Music Video] HD

Yeah! My nigga big Rock, what up!
Yeah! Ayo my homie Vinnie Paz, what up!
Yeah! Ruste Juxx nigga
Check it out, check it out now

[Verse 1: Ruste Juxx]
Whoever wrote your rhymes
Need to get blindfolded and shot in the head a few times(Ugh)
Kids get murdered over spittin’ a wack bar
But still everybody want to be a rap star
The money, the fame, the lifestyle
Soundin’ like 10 niggas in the game right now(Goddamn)
Same tracks, same tats, same cable
Same style, different city different label
They all bullshit and equal to one another
Copycattin’ why you gotta sequel another brother?
Be original and stop dick ridin’
A nigga steal Juxx’s style and you know Vic’s ridin’
Born in the streets of New York without a prayer
Peace to the President, Motherfuck the mayor
Broke niggas be poppin’ Sprite bottles
Ruste Juxx fuckin’ the Price is Right models, bang!

[Verse 2: Vinnie Paz]
Alright look
You can’t know peace without knowin’ a bomb
And you can’t know Allah without knowin’ Shatan
Anybody fuck with Juxx gettin’ grazed in the arm
Cause the calico submachine stay in the palm
.38 under the seat, duffle bag is behind me
If I was you and you was me, I wouldn’t try me
You fuckin’ with a pig better be a salami
Cause I don’t like pigs I will catch me a homi
Its big shit, carry me an M and its mean
I push a button and you drop like a vending machine
The pen is pristine, since 95’ been on my Dīn
The AK turn your block to a cinema scene
I always have two bitches that’s a hammer and dime
And fuckin’ with me is like jammin’ on Shaq in his prime
You’ll only fuck with small money and I’m gamblin’ dimes
I punch you in your face and its ambulance time. Yeah!

[Verse 3: Rock of Heltah Skeltah]
Back in the day when we was kids we used to act like we was older
Now niggas act like little kids and be grown ups(Shtupid)
Ass backwards and ass average
That’s that shit that’ll have the trash, laugh niggas(Fuck outta here)
Do shtop nigga you not no number one to motherfunker
Youngster get your crew popped though
You ain’t a young buck, you’s a dumb fuck
Run up and get gun butted get all your gums bust
I ain’t preachin’ or teachin’, I’m warnin’ niggas
I outperform you niggas, plus I just got jokes on you niggas
Like, “How you really gonna stand there iceless?”
Talkin’ all this, “you got all this ice shit.” Priceless
I could go on for years with this asshole
To be like,” This skinny jean shit is gettin’ outta control to me.”
Homie you got bitch manners, and your bitch mannish
Don’t nobody believe that your clique hammers, Fuck outta here!

Be original and stop dick ridin’
If I was you and you was me, I wouldn’t try me
Everybody want to be a rap star
Be original and stop dick ridin’

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