Early morning with the curtains drawn. swore I’d try and come up with the perfect joint to get subversive on. But my emotions keep floating to the surface, so imma keep the text plain, leave the next one to get cursive on. It gets harder to breathe when I can’t clear the air. And much harder to grieve when Im concealing tears. But you don’t wanna see me let it all go, cuz we’d be drowning in an ocean full of sorrow with no swimming gear. So I soldier up and hope to god I hold it in. Cuz babies growing up in battle zones-Ho Chi Minh. And churches wont protect me less I confess holy sin. But whole world crucifying me Cuz I’m born inside this holy skin. And ain’t shit changed since the shift changed. Jim Crow just gentrified and they retrofit hangings. Blame the attacks on black on black to justify their actions, while mamas left to cry in vain. But…
Dear god we ain’t praying no more. We’ve become the prey these predators waiting for. They say love’s the answer but I don’t think they mean it, cuz they only quoting King when the homies is getting heated up. Pressure cooker firing up the streets out here. I guess you could say the sour outweigh the sweet this year. And we only got a taste, we just trying to get a place at the table so the family can eat their share. Got the White collar criminals minimally secured. While the black dollar’s literally hemorrhaging from the poor. And America sees me as a threat second guess me, cuz the press likes to muddy my image in their reports. But u sweep your horrors under the rug. And call us terrorists for commenting on the blood. This revolution won’t be televised-I pulled the plug. now your paradise is face to face with the hell it caused.
Im not your yes man, I’m not your modern slave. I’m just the voice of resistance call me renegade.
I got 300 years of anger running thru my veins, u wonder why my rage has runneth over on the center stage? Melanin rich but esteem below the poverty line. Got royalty on the team but their MasterCard declined. So tribal lines getting drawn because of dollar signs. And tired eyes can’t see the forest for the fallen pines. So we lick a shot, pay the toll for it, sticker shock. Throw them bands for a fleet of foreigns and some liquor shots. System got us all twisted with no pot to piss in. Fame the new religion, what u gon believe in when them pictures stop? So When the smoke clears and the mirror reflects back. What u see in front of you and do u respect that? We gon be alright that’s 100% fact. That’s on everything I love-100% black.


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