Sa-Roc – What It’s Worth (Official Video) Directed By: Sol Messiah

They say that “Third times a charm”. Sa-Roc truly embodies Understanding on her third installment of Wisdom Wednesdays. On this introspective joint Sa-Roc changes direction from a lyrical onslaught to a heart felt letter over Sol Messiah’s Soulful production.

Stay tuned each and every Wednesday for a new offering from Rhymesayers Entertainment’s own, Sa-Roc.

Directed By: Sol Messiah

See I get all in my feelings when the beat is playing. And I might just bare it all before I ease this craving, to feed my ego with some EMO introduction bout how lucky I am to be here. Came a long way from the demons baby. And even faith wasn’t strong enough to get me this far. Pain and desperation got my murky future crystal. Born into a relationship with ghetto politics all the officials stayed with pocketfuls of rocks and loaded pistols. That’s why my motive different from a lot of these typical types. And my persona gained somewhat of a mythical hype. Homie, I’m a urban legend ushering in a verbal Armageddon, got u caught up in a force that’s centripetal like. I got a circle full of gypsies and initiates rolling with me that could blink and have you clutching the last inch of your life. So if u scheming on me I can only guess your parting words include a prayer and the prerequisite mention of Christ. You know my father always said I need a tough skin. So then I practiced putting razor bladed cuts in. Now I’m a firm believer in the Roc without a doubt but back then Pops was the only God that I could ever keep my trust in. And this a journey I don’t know if I can recommend. Public opinion got my private life feeling like specimens. Every microscopic topic they can spin into a profit got me second guessing BFFs and next of kin. So my rapport ain’t never been much to report. Cuz I be hunting down these big gamers just for sport. And I don’t have the patience for a fabricated baller, if you yapping bout it we can always hit the friggin court. For what it’s worth, I try and write til every story’s told. Then if I go tonight I’ll be proud of what I’ve bestowed. So these are the last words that I’ll be transferring from ink and paper til they finally recognize the weight of solid gold. Sa-Roc.

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