New single off my solo project “DEATH IS ONLY THE BEGINNING” set to drop summer of 2017. All of THE SARGONITES music is available on iTunes!
The pressure increases as I’m fighting in now right in this thesis enlighten like Jesus waving my hand to relieve diseases

laws increases as our rights shattering pieces so you find me where the streets is that’s why I don’t fuck with Polices

I was getting on the train beats stimulating the brain when cops harass to search my bag and it’s domain

Of course I became mad but my composure I maintained exercise my rights to refuse and left the train

I didn’t have no bombs or cocaine just marked as a stick is is vandalism would a purpose to help you to think richer

The plot is getting thicker so we think a lot quicker and drop a little for the dead before drinking the Liqueur

It’s the code of the street conflict wit human vs beast, citizens vs police, the pressure ever cease

At least we write release but we don’t speak on Peace, Cause I’m a pit foaming at the mouth biting off his lease,


They out to condemn we survive wit Biblical hymns, a blend of indigenous men descendant of Shem

How do we defend there means of political ends, How do we begin to fight the enemy with in,

It’s either a foe or friend that out to censor my pen, when I’m done you might need to rewind this again.

To understand the extent of it to end to heritage, its in imperative you let go of these worldly sedatives,

Over looking the hidden messages is taking precedents, I’m leading the exodus to the land is our inheritance,

I’m a Taino (not) Latino labeled as an American defending my My skin, melanin running off adrenaline,

I make mood music invoking emotions in crooks, I only write to infuse it, provoking you to look

Into the Mystery of your history and dig in them books Your nationality they took is worth giving a second look.


I’m a activists strapped fighting these capitalist, Your a pacifist laying back trap in this,

‘m only Speak to a fifth of the populous catching this, it’s your Consciousness that is being attracted to this,

if don’t know who this is it well it’s Morbius, the analysts the wordsmiths and revolutionist.

The one asking, the who, what, where and how, our time is winding down, Ya busy looking at clouds,

All you hear is the sound of another body hitting the ground, another Trevino Martin Shaun bell and Michael Brown.

A demonstration depicting our own salvation, the manifestation of God in this creation.

I do it for Rebels guerrilla and the Zulu nation, our people that are facing occupation spics and Haitians

Politicians the debating on who is ending the world But I’ll be damn it I’m save my little boy and girl.
released January 8, 2017
Produced by Jess Jamez

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