Organized Organics & Conscious Mind Records presents:
“#USA2TOUR” Featuring: MADD ILLZ performing ” Call of Action ” of the United Slaves of America vol 2 at the “The Haberdashery” in North Philly

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To many fans familiar with both indie Hip Hop and battle rap culture, the name Madd Illz immediately invokes images and ideals of raw, hardcore Hip Hop; a powerfully skilled, uncompromising lyricist born and bred in the depths of battle raps’ most memorable moments; and the founder of one of the world’s most sought-after battle rap leagues in Grind Time Now. But the truth is that Madd Illz the artist, the entrepreneur, the teacher and the staunch Hip Hop ambassador has accomplished all of that and so much more. As an artist, Illz has released a steady stream of independent Hip Hop music since 1998, most recently with the acclaimed EP Cinco De My Flow and continuing soon with his next release, United Slaves of America 2. As an entrepreneur and purveyor of battle rap and Hip Hop culture overall, he has build Grind Time Now into one of YouTube’s most widely-watched battle rap leagues on the Internet, featuring some of most bar-heavy up and comers in the battle rap world. As a teacher, he guides and mentors willing students in the ways of spontaneous creativity through a unique program he developed and teaches called Controlled Spontaneous Expression (CSE). And as an ambassador of the culture, he has taken his theories and practices all the way to the United Nations to present on the importance of this growing and thriving art form and theory. Madd Illz is much more than just a Hip Hop artist. He is a positive, powerful force in the continued expansion of Hip Hop culture, spreading a timely and thought provoking message through his music and through the power of the mind.

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