Sovereignty : by Intikana

This album by Intikana is a powerful declaration of self-governing authority. A claim to freedom and independence. Each song is political and speaks on struggles across the Afro-Indigenous diaspora. Collectively, this project addresses education, mass incarceration, and social injustice. It seeks to reimagine the possibilities of what true freedom can actually look like for oppressed peoples. It is a conversational piece meant to spark meaningful discussions as well as solution-oriented actions toward liberation. 
Album Tracklist:
1.  Streets On Fire feat. Abiodun Oyewole (The Last Poets) [Produced by Frankie P]
2. Crouching Gallo Hidden Coqui [Produced by Xen Medina]
3. Group Homes [Produced by Xen Medina]
4. Top Of The World [Produced by BreakBeat Lou]
5. Uptown Interlude feat. Dapper Dan
6. El Pueblo Esta Muerto [Produced by News Beat Podcast & Manny Faces]
7. Realist Guerrilla [Produced by Xen Medina]

*Album Artwork / Graphic Design by Intikana

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