SPNS Quello che non c’è

S.P.N.S. is a hip hop collective, founded in 2004, but the members were already active from the end of the 90s with their respective groups: SacraParola, Pista Nera and G.B.C.
The area is Reggio Emilia.

The SPNS group consists of:
MALOSMOKIES (mc / producer),
TODO BIEN (mc / beatboxer),

S.P.N.S. REcords (or rather his various formations) counts to his credit a myriad of self-productions between demo, ep and mixtape, as well as participations on Italian and international compilations and mixtapes.
It also boasts hundreds of live concerts, showcases and performances throughout the peninsula (especially in Emilia Romagna).

In 2011 the first unitary project of the group was born: a double CD under the name of SPNS entitled “Vita, Morte & Miracoli”.

The formations that over the years or still are part of the collective S.P.N.S. REcords are: MALOSMOKIES, FRESH FRINEXT as soloists, BABELE HOT LINE (Malosmokies & Todo Bien), PISTA NERA (Crazy Joint, Todo Bien & Penny Dog), STUKERS (Crazy Joint & Malosmokies), FALLA FALLA CONNECTION (Malosmokies & Fresh Frinext) , SACRED WORD (Malosmokies & Motivo).

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