Taku Mazire (Cape Town) Speed of Life

Taku Mazire is a Zimbabwe born African Hip Hop artist Based In the streets of Cape Town , South Africa also know as the Cape Flats.
The video was shot, Directed & edited by X-Munn who is also a Zim Dance Hall Artist
it was shot in the dry streets of DELFT , Cape town
The Song tells the daily struggles of people surving in the ghetto all over africa
Questioning the differences between black government and white colonial governments
Education systems , Houses for the people , health care ,
this is the speed of Life

Share with friends and familiy maybe enemies too 1Love – Taku mazire

Twitter @con_fuze
Download link :- http://takumaziremusic.bandcamp.com/a…

Ayo its painful
Living in a city where ya hardly see a rainball
Pure poor people stay searching for the root of all evil
Even in churches
Pastors preaches for profits
Down cold avenues ; we got
Gangstas bitches or harlots
Children stuck in tha streets coz
Parents can’t afford school fees
Living on minimum wage,reason why many africa man
Doing time locked in an animal cage
Somewhere cold in a shack, synonymous
To a cell
Every single ghetto is jail with transparent bars
Yall better feel me now
Sometime I just feel like a criminal
Sick of living in fear
Everyday a niggas gotta be scared of loosing a peer
,get agenga
Toddlers dying before they
Chicks even starts growing a beard
Shits fucked up like watchin
A 9year old kid sipping on beer


I was born in the village, slow easy life
Then Eye sight blurry image , Shit isn’t right
My Maternal & Paternal Passed on had to relocate to Cape Town
Although I wasn’t feeling fine,always carried a smile visible from a mile
Talk bout sad clown
Raised as an orphan can’t sleep
All I see is pictures of momma
Trapped in coffin
Vocals Often spoken of stolen swollen souls
Freedom knows no laws
I’m like a hobo
Burning ona bong/lifes too fast / we tryna / be on a slo mO
Wondering why we living so
Even black politicians treating us wrong

Verse 3

Last night I seen a sister on the corner store wearing a thong looking
Like suzzie wong
Truth be told
She was only 12 years old
That’s why I say
Let the Youth revolt
Get organized unity is strength
Reality is strange ,two ants
Ain’t Never fails to pull a Grasshoper
Stay sober cause its time to take over
Ain’t no air out here
Most trees in surburbs as if only the rich deserves to breath
Know who the enemy is
Devils too wear white wings
Maybe it was just
A marketing strategy
When they said we was free

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