The Sargonites – “What They Don’t Want”

New single “What They Don’t Want” off the new album BLACK FLAG -The Sargon Chronicles.
Produced By Morbius of The Sargonites
Mixed by Ganjak
Recorded at TwliteMic Production


Outcome Verse

Apart of me decides to attack and rumble,
Interfere with laws, making permanent talks to stumble;

Lower band widths- detecting them, far from humble,
Exposed by fearless older breeds, from concrete jungles ;

The last of it’s kind to roam the streets with significance,
Displays how it’s done, true sith lord magnificence ;

Taking hold with centrifugal force, uplift again,
Our legacies timeless, they suffering from impotence ;

Sights beyond sight, clean scope of it all, seen through this all before, we seen them rise so they could fall;

They strategize with elite’s in camps in closed door’s,
They hold no remorse, suppress us to even scores;

A veteran size you up to brawl with no flaws,
never hesitate to stall, extremely fast on the draw;

With animal like – instincts, no close calls,
We thrive on – thinking – in sync – to win wars ;

They busy deceiving in subliminal’s, ain’t difficult,
It’s equivalent to leaving embedded marks on reciprocal’s;

They facing agent’s to mystical, we hit pinnacles ;
Our voice keep it street while our mind’s remain political;

No sounding off warnings, calling them out in bluffs,
They sound stuck, far fetched pleading fifth in a rush;

Time’s up, caught between all the lives they corrupt,
The souls they touch, what they really don’t want is us;


“They don’t want us to act like this, they don’t want us to act righteous, (WHY!!)
To live like animal and see us die, killing each other for no reason WHY!!”

Morbius Verse

As i start to speak i think of my next to kin,
next to him in his sight am a king;

running with ya my journey will never begin,
running with ya, is like sailing against the wind;

I’m the man in the mirror watching the world spin,
I’m a God in this era taking away sin;

were taught to lose what we win, the line it thin;
were close to the breaking point but i will not give in;

Ya waiting for the end saying “he’ll make it right”,
stop giving over the power you have to change your life;

they got us thinking twice, taking away rights,
were just a game, they make the bets, shooting the dice;

the white man ain’t the devil, it’s the ones who assist them,
am a machine enraged, against the system,

endowed with wisdom, knowledge and understanding,
i mimic the universe and re–main expanding;

my heart is demanding, having my thoughts traveling,
from East to West, All I See I’m examining;

it was a moonlit night ,my parents started channeling,
the year was 75′ the Bronx is where i landed in,

i got a lot to say and damn it I’m a cram it in,
ya don’t catch subliminals, cause ya lost your handling;

I Love my life, (Why) and wit it I’m not gabbling,
I’m never caught rambling, for Hip-Hop I’m scrambling;


“They don’t want us to act like this, they don’t want us to act righteous, (WHY!!)
To live like animal and see us die, killing each other for no reason WHY!!”

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