Trap Liberation Army by : Sima Lee

Trap Liberation Army is the first taste from a collection of EP’s exploring the many sides of a veteran lyricist & radical activist residing and rebelling in DC (Food, Clothing & Resistance Collective/Guerrilla Republik DC) while representing Virginia underground Hip-Hop (Soul Trust Records/Maroon Movement).

This album pays homage to the Maroon spirit of the Black Liberation Army and Tupac Shakur’s Thug Life Movement. The gritty wordplay and raw passionate delivery of Sima Lee shines as she explores everything from resistance to colonialism, revolution, racism, classism, sexism, gentrification, culture and smoking large amounts of marijuana, to the full mastery of the art of “verbal s**t-talking 101”.

Production includes “Slimkat78” of Mello Music Group’s “The 1978ers”, the infamous “Wally Clark” of the Tampa scene, Virginia’s legendary “Better Beat Bureau” & fire tracks from Sima’s son & emerging Indie teen artist/producer from the 757–“Moose”. After the hiatus, this is the way to bring in: “The Return of Eye M. Woman”

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