VITAL HOOPS 4 THE KULTURE : Ep 10 “Maroon Talk” Feat. Bocafloja

On Episode 10 of the VITAL HOOPS Podcast, interdisciplinary artist Bocafloja begins by talking about how and when he first became familiar with the game of basketball. Bocafloja then speaks on Hip Hop and how the culture is present in all aspects of his work. Fernando and Bocafloja elaborate on the African diaspora in Latin America and the importance of identifying as afrodescendents and indigenous people as opposed to “latinos”. They later on get back to talking about basketball and the beautiful run that the Golden State Warriors made in 2022 The conversation ends with Bocafloja and Fernando sharing their book recommendations and the importance of relating with each others struggles as African people worldwide. Book Recommendations: Bocafloja: “Soledad Brother: The Prison Letters of George Jackson” by George Jackson Fernando Cardenas: “A History of Pan African Revolt” by CLR James Social Media: Bocafloja: Facebook: Bocafloja Quilombo-Oficial Twitter: @bocaquilombo Instagram: @bocaflojaquilombo… VITAL HOOPS: Facebook: Vital Hoops Twitter: @vitalhoopspod Instagram: @vitalhoopspodcast contact us at VITAL HOOPS is 4 THE KULTURE

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