WALK WITH ME : Constant Flow ( CF )

Yeah, come walk with me
Let me show you what the world is really like
Its more than just black and white
Come take a stroll with the killa yeah

[Verse One]
I’m not a beaner, jalapeno, or a papi either
Don’t call me mira and don’t call my woman mamacita
Call me Zapatista, Pancho Villa, knowledge seeker
Aztec warrior killa, not no taco eater
I get my lessons from Che, so fuck yo college teacher
??ovatusani?? led the way and he was our leaders
I’m always sober, never clouded by the sour diesel
Seen black people enslave Tainos like Juan Garrido
They say Islam is evil
So is Santa Maria
I channel the spirits of college from montelucia
So whats a mosque by ground zero
To catholic churches on top of Mayan ruins and murals of our folk heroes
They use the Spanish Inquisition
To rid the social ills, now we cancer in remission
Killa you know the deal now we back stronger
Can’t kill us cause we driven
Black Panther Stanley Tookie Williams, relive it (lets go)

Its more than just being some o regular Hispanic dude
Its some revolution shit
Just like its more than being just some average black dude
This is some next level stuff right here

[Verse Two]
Don’t call me nigger don’t call me kushi don’t call me coon
Don’t call my woman cuss and don’t call me a black baboon
Call me Congo call me Wolof call me Cameroon
Call me king of the Yoruba call me a maroon
Call me Sambo warrior Hugo Chavez’ platoon
Call it African music don’t call it Latin tunes
Call it crazy but the Cherokee kept slaves too
The red man put the black man in chains too
They tried to change you
Your voodoo ritual your powerful drums
They dumb it down in negro spirituals
They hysterical they scared of the sound
So they put skyscrapers on your burial grounds
And we tearing it down its an all out slave rebellion
Since we escaped they wanna kill ya for trying to aide a felon
They try to weaken us like Samson with the lady villain
But I’m on Seymour boulevard it ain’t no way to kill em

You know what I’m sayin everybody always stuck on whats a stereotype
And whats this and whats that
Walk with me
Let me show you something different
Show you what the new americas about
You know what I’m saying?

[Verse Three]
Don’t call me Hadji camel jockey or a towel head
Don’t call my wife Kadesha diva and joke about her dress
Don’t say I get that Arab money or that Saudi bread
I’m not a terrorist ain’t down with ??
Don’t call me Al Qaeda suicide bomber, powder keg
About to blow
Then put my whole family on house arrest
Call me Malcolm x I gave you algebra to alphabets
I gave the Spanish words like algadon and Alvarez
I gave physicians for the sick when it was archaic
The crescent moon the star of David through the dark ages
And we partaked in the slave trade the same way the Europeans did
So who I kid trying to save grace
But god forgives cause we all from the same race
All from the same place, all of the same faith
And I ain’t talking bout one religon
I’m talking bout one people
See the light in my tunnel vision

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