Native Threat — “LSA” (Love Sharpened Arrows) (Prod. Zapata The Ghost)

IG: @native.threat @fuerza.cosmica Shot by @yoo.almo FreeOrlandoWatley.Org

(Verse 1) Ascended from the underground deeper than sewers deeper than Mictlan shit the way I maneuver strategic We were set up to fail fuck a western world view Power and money money money while children die around me oppressed what kind of shit is that? My pistol cockin’ back aimed at civilized man with capitalism and bible in hand like the IRS callin’ man that shit is a scam I’m focused my fam sober I stand 4 years in this life long commitment never going back to a bottle poppin pills 6 in the morning cocaine up in my nostril not defined by mistakes but where I’m headed used to live in fear now I’m walking fearless Lost relative I hope you fill this my pen will this site’s locked in behind bars alone you goin’ me regardless like the spirit of Elk Bone

(Chorus) Love sharpened arrows up in the sky no sparrow golden eagle we the sequel of our people destroy the steeple stayin’ sober lethal and never settle homie load up your metal

(Verse 2) Through microphones free all the warriors supposed to be home used as political pawns for charlatan government cause up in flames the stripes and stars watchin’ Amerikkka fall apart as l stand rubbin’ hands together like Birdman reality absurd iniquitous the word me and my Natives goin purge true through Cyphers sharpenin’ tools rockin’ shows Hip Hop I chose not for stock growth but to heal my own for the grown fine line rhyme my aura argental strong enough to be gentle calm and centered Virgo cub movin’ foundation like a earth bender scars tender still Nativos pa’ lante yall know the steez 360 degrees love of self love of the nine love of the people love of the rhyme love of momma it’s our time we shine we shine

(Verse 3) Inheritance of slavery law and order enemy movement is steadily water roots bloom through the cosmos you the old ones guide by my side empower as we ride ain’t no pacifist violate swingin’ fist disease of ownership and greed what these devils breed wasichu seed shakin’ off the ways sharpen blades for the betterment knowledge is important but character’s true testament sink my hands in the sand grounded like the land splash the water across my face give me life in the taste wind breezin’ through my hair feel alive warmth of the fire give me courage and drive once toxified behind invisible bars gloomed in the shadows behind the scars ancestors raised me up to face myself showed the spirit of wealth power and medicine within self

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