Vel The Wonder – Mya’s Planet (Official Music Video)


VERSE ONE: Without comparison I’m early on my marathon Mexican American You can call me paragon I’m Gucci when I’m sliding in quick in a pair of thongs( ya ya) levels of defense like the pentagon So what I look trendy with my sweater on? How much of my pen is gone?(going up baby,) .. it get better when I send a song Ya girl asked me if I got Fendi on.. (oh this?) .. she looking like a savage boy, She got Fenty on (ugh) Taking emcees to the grave I got plenty hearse (ya,ya..) ..going bar for bar like a Benny verse (ugghhhh) I’m nice with the bucks Think twice with my gut That’s ice in my cup Ya ya but I poured henny first .. I’ll cut ya bitch if she want blood too .. throw water on that dirt What that mud do? No one is,taking my advantage Don’t forget this is mya’s planet HOOK: I’m yelling where the bux at You hanging off my nutsack Boy kick the fuck back I’m yelling where the bux at You hanging off my nutsack Girl kick the ..

VERSE 2: You wanna raptastic Master of class battery acid Doubling bags To battle these cats Had to be maxin’ In other words Yo I had to be taxin’ If ya lady ended up with me She had to be asking Leave em on asthmatic, (uh huh) Fantastic with the bad habits Yo I see some shit I like I’m throwing Bags at it No faking on the set I’m taking all the stress I’m also winning all the games without Making all the threats I’m Changing all the texts (what -They Say I’m on it next (what) Ya lady say she love me now She Naked on her chest Yo I say it with my gut (yaahh) Making all the fuss(ugh) My mama had a daughter Raised her on the bus It goes.. VEL up in NYC Turn my W’s to cheese Like who bet I’d be Born killer on the MIC More iller than a couple fucking friends I need Follow Vel The Wonder

Produced By Michael Angelo Instagram @PRODUCEDBYMICHAELANGELO  Shot by Daniel Patino Instagram @DP201 assistant shots by Victor Hernandez Instagram @directorvic__

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