(verse 1:Sa-Roc)

Lets get one thing crystal clear, I am not here to play with your feelings or save your career. My statements severe like razor edges on a paper veneer. Cut through exteriors cleaner than windex on a mirror. I’m non violent…the only bullets I spray are lyrically based. My only kills are egos so technically you’re physically safe. But…I’m bipolar…one minute I’m soberly playing the role of a poet and after an hour I’m drunk off my power and loudly proclaiming my prowess. And how incredible it is though. I’ll let you marvel a minute cuz I’ve gone rogue and opposing my rivals and every writer that’s in attendance. You know the name they call me S-A- ROC, I be low riding them beats like how them esses rock. My intro is like a thesis and then my essay start. Yell amandla for Madiba down in S.A.- ahk

Busta’s (scratch) voice

(verse 2:Sa-Roc)

What’s a rapper to a certified mastodon? trample through your garden leave some bars for you to sample from. I been classic since the first verse I spat onto some wax, tyrannosaurus rexed my foes just like Jurassic, son. Eff a punch line, I stick and move with written jewels. mind is like a mine of conflict free diamonds. Cuz I’m at peace with the beast I’m unleashing onto the mic piece. I’m coming for blood and yall lil tenderonis a nice piece. See I’m at war with the walking dead, just call me grimes. Or call me grimy, I get gutta and start seeing red when they pass the headphones and I start spitting lines that sparked in my head. A live wire, I electrify this game, have these rap jawns in white gloves testifying their shame. hear me once and its over, voice etched inside of your brain. like pesticides to a roach, I’m raiding your nervous system so next time I’m in the booth your face will start nervous twitching u pitch a fit from the shit I emit from my out of lips. I will grand mal seize any reason to pry your cold and resistant fingers off the gold and pose on top of the podium. show my hands and yall holding em. too busy tryna to poker, she focused on flipping queens and y’all busy playing the joker. I will out rhyme, out prime, and eventually out shine you. And after your reign is over I will straight chalk outline you, my G

Busta’s (scratch) voice

(verse 3:Sa-Roc)

Y’all could spit a few bars, I spit suns, moons, and stars, go nuclear, split a nucleus by souping up my grammar. Make duplicates of the future jump in the booth and go anakin. Turn to the dark side when y’all talking sideways, use the force of my voice to assault you for five days. Then start on your weak ends like this was a Friday. No McD’s I’m a vegan and having it MY WAY! Hit up them pressure points like tai chi. You feeling rah rah then go ham and try me. But I’m a purist mc, out your league like ivy, I self law and master then emasculate these beats. Dress em up with some impressive vocabs then murder em mark it’s identity with a toetag. leave the scene like a legend, souvenir in my tote bag. Cuz we on the low bout to overthrow your regime. Im in the studio cooking with bae, ask Yasiin

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