The Sargonites – “The Prologue”



This is a montage video we put together for a song we did while hanging in the studio. Featuring gODHEAD THE GENERAL and MORBIUS. The prologue to our next project… Check it out.

Produced By Whatson Godhead’s Verse:

We declare war, on all forms of lames,
Clones, drones, fraud, all the same;
You didn’t know? There’s no negotiating with savages,
Especially when your sub-par and below average;
The empire strikes back with present day barbarians,
Possessed with the spirit of conquering Carthaginians;
Introducing the axe man, mister decapitator,
The terror, godhead the terminator;
The general is of the old republic,
His new era, someone who’s not corrupted;
This is my call of duty, hip hop’s modern warfare,
A culture at war and most of you don’t care;
There are even general’s who became perpetrators,
Riding side by side with imitators;
But fuck’em, they all made their beds,
they choose their side, now off with their heads;
We crushing’em on air, land and overseas,
Where ever my enemy is, that’s where I’ll be;
I’m a soldier, while you gangsters are all bitch made,
We pushing beyond the limits while you all fade;
Morbius, Outcome, godhead The General,
I love when you tin men feel invincible;
It’s funny, how you there to appose,
When it’s inevitable you losing your soul;

Morbius Verse:

There’s no surviving people are yelling, sounding the sirens,
Their screaming and hiding, saying “Behold here come the tyrants”;
We now arriving leading battalions riding stallion,
Covered in armor conquers with stars and medallions;
We come from ancient times warriors made from legend,
Titans enlighten, challenging the Gods in heaven;
We been fighting for centuries, since the days of antiquities,
Cold hearted brutes without remedy lacking sympathy;
We automatically feed a fearless newer breed,
Pillaging for days fighting off battle fatigue;
Running through your village with ease, an infectious disease;
They bow to their needs, beg but unable to breath,
Their chocking and bleed on the smell of death and pestilence;
Your death is evident, your beheaded head is evidence,
Swinging my sword with elegance your death is irrelevant;
How can i leave you alive and preform such negligence,
Your dealing with a biological heighten intelligence;
A bloodline designed for war bread for excellence,
Burning internally, containing the flames of Hyades;
With ancestry blood from the moons of Pleiades,
They say, “I’m crazy!”. A savage, a glutton;
Just with a look i’m erupting, now ending any discussion,
Ending their corruption, keeping these rappers reluctant;
Or be forced to face an irreversible repercussion.

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